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Hellenic Army Academy

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The Laboratory of Machines, Intelligent, and Distributed Systems at the Hellenic Army Academy in Vari, Athens, Greece is a leading center for AI research, robotics, software development, and cognitive cybersecurity. Its exceptional team focuses on developing customized software solutions that integrate seamlessly with AI systems to improve their performance, especially in the critical areas of:

  • Αutonomous Vehicles
  • Robotics
  • Artifical Intelligence

The lab's cybersecurity experts employ cutting-edge tools to protect digital systems and AI based software solutions against cyber threats. Their ongoing research encompasses decision-making algorithms, advanced data analytics, and other innovative areas, supporting the Hellenic Army's missions.

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The Laboratory of Hellenic Army Academy employs AI in innovative projects to enhance military operations, utilizing advanced systems and solutions in areas such as software development, military simulations, and machine learning algorithms. These AI initiatives optimize efficiency, decision-making, and strategic planning within the military domain.

Graph Databases

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Web Development

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Big Data


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Digital Systems


Popular Courses


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (Both Bachelor's and Master's Degrees)

  • Big Data Analysis / Text & Sentiment Analysis
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Military Applications


Cybersecurity (Master's Degree)

  • Information Systems Security
  • Internet Security
  • Network and Communications Security
  • Business Simulation and Battle Models - Modeling and Simulation

Operating Systems

Operating Systems (Both Bachelor's and Master's Degrees)

  • Architecture of Digital Systems and Operating Systems
  • Parallel Processing Systems
  • Systems Theory
  • Analysis, Design, and Development of Systems


Teaching Staff

Nikolaos K. Papadakis

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Director of Machines, Intelligent and Distributed Systems Lab

Antonios Litke

Lecturer, Ph.D.

Lab of Machines, Intelligent and Distributed Systems

Vasilios Keleris

Researcher, MSc

Lab of Machines, Intelligent and Distributed Systems


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